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After Xmas: The Week In Review


What a week! Hope you had a great Christmas or a nice day off if you don’t celebrate it. We had a very lay down day… it was perfect for us!

As we do every year, we told each other that we would not exchange gifts. It always works out to I follow the rule and hubby just get me something. I really thought this year would have been different. We made a few purchases together but as I should have known he surprised me with a Chromebook for when I travel.

Now, I just need to travel to see how much I will love it. Will do a review soon to see if this type of notebook would work for you as well.

Let’s talk half marathon training for a minute. Plans have changed, after reading upon researching about this and since Nike updated their Nike+ running app to include coaching I’m going to use it for this half marathon. It will be 12 grueling weeks but it better put me in shape to run this. My sister (which is guilty of making me do this) is super excited.

By the way, the hubs recommended doing a standing rib roast for Christmas Eve. O.M.G.! It was my first time and loved it. I told him we was cheating because since I always offered to cook my pernil he never offered to cook his rib roast. It was so delish! We shared pics on Instagram – follow me – and will be sharing the recipe pretty soon (need to finish editing the pictures.)

This week didn’t start good as I fell of the treadmill. I was ok, my ego not so much. This accident made me feel like a failure and made me cry. Not because I was hurting but because it put me behind schedule. After that, went jogging with the hubs on Xmas morning and then yesterday ran 3 miles.

Two things I learned from this, one, determination is in the house! And second, it’s going to take more than that to bring me down, heck yeah!

Lesson learned on my fourth week of a half marathon training. |

I’m also looking into ways to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis or MS and living a healthy life. I have an idea and will be sharing more pretty, pretty soon!

Next week, will also be sharing healthier cupcake! I’m perfecting my Pumpkin & PB cupcake recipe 😉

Now, enough about me, I want to know, how was your week?


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