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Are you willing to change?

The road to success is always under construction. Are you willing to change? | SavvyMujer.comToday on the blog I’m super excited to share this post from my business partner + husband, Ronny Mason. Our hope is to bring awareness for the need of change to our mindset for success. Enjoy!

The road to success is always under construction!

Here’s the first step to improving your personal performance! This isn’t something that’s going to happen with a flick of a switch and you’re not going to wake up tomorrow morning as a different person. You’ve got to be willing to change many of your old habits that you’re very comfortable with on a daily basis. It’s not easy for anyone! Moving from your normal comfort zone into a new arena can be very scary for most people.

Every successful business, athlete and entrepreneur has had to change one way or another to be more successful over time because the competition just isn’t going to go away…You’ve got to stay ahead of them!

Tiger Woods is absolutely one of the best golfers of our time…He didn’t make it to this level by just hoping! He changed his swing a few times over the years to improve his ball control on the course. Tiger has also changed his coaches multiple times to get the most talented trainers in the industry to impact his game! (And yes, wish he had handled his personal life different.)

The sooner you’re willing to move into the ‘uncomfortable’ area of change…The sooner you’ll start seeing the different results you’re looking for!

I can give you the same scenarios about Jack Welch and how he turned around GE or Lee Iacocca and how he changed Chrysler into a major automotive force in the 1990’s but let’s get back making your blog successful…OOPS I get a little passionate about winning!

I personally know a blogger that was very uncomfortable in a big crowd atmosphere in the past. It took us about a year of role playing and coaching to move her out of the comfortable corner she liked and into the uncomfortable and scary middle of the room. The results of her willingness to change have raised her blog to another level and she’s also been invited to speak or moderate panels at multiple conferences! Now that’s a positive change!

Most of us have families and children. Let me ask you a question, How much time do you spend changing the behaviors of your little ones on a daily and weekly basis?

The overwhelming answer is always…”Every day!”

It’s the right thing to do and you certainly don’t have a problem with that at home so take a breath and let’s start to change yourself today?

You may only have a few changes or you may have many changes you need to make to move to the next level. This amount of change you’ll need to make will depend on where you’re blog performance is right now and where you really want it to be…The bigger question for you is still:

Are you willing to change?



  1. simon waithaka

    April 4, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Avery nice and inspiring POST
    Keep up the Good work
    Best Regards Simon from Kenya.

    1. Yoly Mason

      April 4, 2014 at 9:53 am

      Thanks Simon. Our hope is to inspire you to take action!

      1. simon waithaka

        April 4, 2014 at 9:59 am

        Thanks Yoly,
        I take time and a times lates in making very vital decisions what’s might be the problem?

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