Welcome new keto lifestyle

By now, some people have already ditched their New Year Resolutions. As a matter of (alternative) facts, a recent study shows that only 68.4% of people that make resolutions keep up with them past two weeks.

Heck, that number goes down another 10% for those trying to make it for the first month.

This year, I don’t want to be just another statistic. We as a family have come together to keep me in check with this new adventure of going and wanting to be healthy by living the keto lifestyle.

The last 18 months have been way crazier and the most thrilling rollercoaster ride. After trying most diets with no results to show off and having my hormones all over the place (thank you perimenopause) 2017 is the year I take control of this mind and body and conquer it.

I’ve researched and researched some more about the ketogenic diet and its health benefits. I’m devoting the blog to the pursuit of health by living la vida keto.

Although, this is the first year in 10 years (I can’t believe I forgot to document) that I don’t have January first full body picture, below is what I’ll consider my starting point at a not-so-fun 170 pounds:

SavvyMujer will become more than my online journal but a place where is safe for mujeres like me to talk about all things keto and a healthy lifestyle.

Hope you join me!



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