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Weekly Dinner Menu Plan | More Piononos and tuna salad please


The first plan didn’t go a 100%. Still, I’m happy that we sort of had a structure about what dinner was going to be. It helped a lot. We had the cold visit our home this week which made it for a more comfort dinners. Now that we are feeling better, I’m looking forward to the weekend (because I’m getting the new iPhone *weee*) and to exercise more.

Saturday: Chicken thighs and salad

Sunday: Skirt steak with chimichurri sauce and roasted potatoes

Monday: Bacalao a la llauna (Cod in a tomato garlic sauce)

Tuesday: Tuna and white bean salad

Wednesday: Shepherds pie

Thursday: Baked piononos with chorizo

Friday: Mozzarella mac n’ cheese


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