Be Savvy

Weekend love /1.

“There are no mistakes, only opportunities.” By Tina Fey.

This week was great. Got to workout a few times + work on a couple of videos that are now on the editing process. The highlight though was taking my sister on her first border crossing trip to go shopping and to check if The Falls were frozen.

Did you hear that Amazon has it’s Prime membership on sale today only for just $72? A steal for sure!

Do you use/like Chia seeds? I’ve heard good things about them but I eat with my eyes first and can’t see past how “ugly” they look. For this next week I’m thinking about adding them to at least breakfast after reading they are good for weigh loss (en español).

I’m not a “weddings” person but loved, loved this video:

And this one by my friend Maria Jose from Very Busy Mama. {I’m really considering getting bangs since watching this video}:


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