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#WeAllGrow Summit Recap

Last week I flew to (nice + sunny) LA leaving the tundra for a few days. It was such a fantastic experience. The We All Grow Summit can only be described with one word: sisterhood. A la máxima potencia.

I still remember the days when going to a blogging conference meant that a) I was the only Latina there b) It was just Ana Flores, Jeanette Kaplun and me. I was giddy to see so many familiar faces!


The experience because if you call it “just a conference” it doesn’t do any justice to #WeAllGrow, started with a pre-treat: a field trip to Youtube Space LA. I love videos so for me it was like being at the candy store! Along with a tour of their studios, a sampling of a Youtube masterclass and a Q&A panel with Latina youtubers powerhouses Dulce, Alba, Daniela and Maiah talking about how they went from hobby to business. Listening how they are passionate about makeup, hair and more was a sweet reminder to keep plugging along!

This was our first opportunity to network and get a feel for what was to come. The atmosphere was permeated with the desire to help each other, to get to know each other and conquer the world as Latinas period! The second day was about field trips and party.

I really loved how Ana Flores and team pretty much thought of every detail! You know how sometimes the first day of a conference is kind of a wasted day? Not at all at the We All Grow Summit. There were four fantastic options. Each one with a different angle: food, healthy living, photography, checking out what LA has to offer and Google.

My trip was to the Google Venice Beach offices. ¡Gracias Vive Mejor!  We had a sampling of what their infamous cafeteria makes. Delish! We also got an in-depth class about growing our Youtube channels and a tour of their offices.

Did you get the hint that video is an important tool? Good. ‘Cause it really is and you should have it down on your to-do list to grow your platform.

Con Eve at the Google offices.

Then it was show time. From here on, it’s everything was simply… awesome sauce! Friday was amazing + inspiring! To hear Natalie Boden talk about her accomplishments and her career was a great way to lit the fire of our entrepreneurial spirit.

There were sessions for almost any niche covered in our community. I went to the food blogging, Pinterest and Instagram ones to stay on touch with the info out there. There’s always an opportunity to learn a trick or two!

On Saturday, after breakfast in bed (best idea ever!) we had another day of growth, connection and storytelling. Plus, my session about SEO from scratch was on as well ????

And then the grand finale with the storytellers. And idea pitched and coached by blogger/crafter “omaiga I love her so much, I want to be as savvy as her when I grow up” Kathy from Cratfy Chica.

Felt so identified with her story.

Lessons from the storytellers

  • Love. Love unconditionally and freely. Above all, love.
  • Don’t let others set limitations on your dreams and goals. Work and give your all to make your dreams a reality.
  • Take advantage of second chances with an open heart and mind. Blood is thicker than water.
  • Material mementos are just that material. Real memories are engrained in our hearts. Always look for the silver lining in tough situations.
  • Pay it forward. No matter how small some kind gestures or actions can be they can help others. Lead from the heart, it might take a little longer but you’ll always make the right decision.
  • We need to do more to help domestic violence victims and families.
  • Acknowledge fear but don’t let it rule your world. Fear can be your fuel to great things.

At the end of the day, this is what it was all about: in the words of We All Grow Summit’s Founder, Ana Flores, “When one grows, we all grow!”



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