5 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Travel

Here are five ways that you can travel during the holiday season without breaking the bank.

Holiday travel is a must for many families. If you loved ones live far away, you have no choice but to pack a bag and head to their house for a few days. Thankfully, there are ways that you can travel during the holiday season without breaking the bank. Keep the following five tips in mind as you plan your trip and you will have more money to spend on gifts and other things for the holidays!

1. Book your flight as soon as possible.

Tickets for airfare are going to do nothing but rise as the holidays get closer. Booking well in advance can help you save money. Most flights, especially to the big cities, are full before they reach the “last-minute deals” stage, so don’t wait around thinking you will snag a great discount a day or two before you plan to leave.

2. Consider driving if you can.

Driving your own vehicle can save you tons of money over flights — especially when it comes to your luggage. With a car, you can pack what you want and not have to worry about the extra fees. If you don’t feel your vehicle will be comfortable for the drive, it can still be cheaper to rent one for your holiday travels.

3. Pack snacks and beverages to avoid expensive food stops.

Even if you decide to stop for fast food, a family of four can spend $20+ on one meal while on the road. Having food on hand will help prevent the “I’m hungry” squeals from the back seat. If you are traveling six hours or less, the food and drinks should have no problem lasting you until you reach your destination.

4. Use your smartphone to save money when traveling.

There are so many mobile apps nowadays that are designed to save us money. One such is Gas Buddy. If you will need to buy more fuel while on the road, be sure to download this free app! It will show you where the best gas prices are in the area — which can really save you some money if you need to fill up.

5. Stay with family while on your trip.

Don’t feel as though you are barging in on your loved ones while you visit them for the holidays. Staying in a guest bedroom – or on an air mattress in the floor – can save you $100’s on holiday travel. Hotels aren’t particularly cheap anytime, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are considered peak season in most areas – which means you will be paying even more if you choose to stay there.


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