Wakomata Shore Resort: My best glamping experience!

At the beginning of June, I was already looking what to do for that week of July 4th. I’ve been trying to incorporate more outdoor activities in the family calendar since we are all homebodies. In one of our conversations my husband casually mentions he used to fish.

That’s when the possibility of going to a resort to fish became very appealing. My husband does consulting work in Ontario. On our previous trips, we have seen some cabins along the route from Greater Sudbury to Sault Saint Marie. It was very easy to sell him this idea!

Now, I’m not one to go camping so my husband knows what my bare minimum requests are. That’s why I let my husband pick the place… sometimes he knows me better than I do myself!


Best view ever of Wakomata Lake!

When he inquired about those cabins, he figured out that I would have been a super-duper unhappy camper and found that Wakomata Shores Resort would be a better choice for us. (Well, me 😉 ) The plan was set. We got the fishing gear, snacks and most of all the desire to spend a couple of days with limited wi-fi and cell service. Bliss.


They do offer wi-fi!

The year-round, full-service resort is in the Thessalon town in Ontario, Canada. The drive from the Niagara Falls, USA is about 6 and half hours. Once you are there, it’s like being in the original picture of one of those 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. So beautiful. So peaceful.

It's all about the little details.

You know, it’s all about the little details for us and the fellas (and Claire) at this resort KNOW how to make you and your family feel like you are home. They answer all our questions and gave us a bunch of tips to make this a great stay. The cabins offer a grill as well, which for us was the tipping point to pick this resort so you know, we were ready to grill just like home 🙂


We were there during Canada day. Roger and Claire had invited us to a barbeque to celebrate; but the day looked like it wanted to rain so the celebration moved to the on-site restaurant. The food was delicious! There we met the other families staying there. It was so interesting that the resort was full of Americans!


We had our own little pier where we spent most of our daytime (which that week of July 1st didn’t get pitch black until 10:15 pm) We walked around, we dance to 80’s music on hubby’s iPad, we set goals for the rest of the year and had a lot of fun fishing, catching and releasing smallmouth bass.


We had such a great time. It was great to take a break from business as usual and do something different for us. It was a first, definitely not a last time. This is my idea of glamping!


We are already planning our second visit… it is that good!


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