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Training Log: 4/23 to 4/29 {April’s review}

April was a good month. I had set the lofty goal of running (the whole time) a half marathon later this fall. I had planned to start semi-training during the first quarter but that really never happened.

There’s no room for procrastination. I was happy to see that I did 25 miles in April. That’s pretty darn good in my book!

This week I decided to follow to a T the training plan so doing to miles were never in the cards for the week.

No workout was the same with making changes in the length of the intervals or just the amount to do them. The longest one was running for 3 minutes in a row… it surprised me how well the legs felt as I don’t feel like dying anymore when I get home from the training session.

4/23: AP 17:01

4/24: AP 16:34

4/26: AP 16:02

4/28: AP 16:12

4/29 AP 17:01

I have to note that on 4/29 I didn’t load the right workout and reporting as a result was a complete mess. The numbers don’t reflect my effort but I felt good anyways… that’s what counts.


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