Training Log: 4/1 to 4/15

The last thing I did before ringing 2018 was getting registered to run the Wineglass Half Marathon. I haven’t run a half in two years so to say I’m rusty is a big understatement. I tried to get motivated in January to do something but had a bag full of excuses that I’m not interested in rehashing here.

Now, at the 6-month mark, I started to think hard about training. My goal for this half is to get in good shape to run a decent 2:45. This would shave an hour! (yes, I know I am a slow runner don’t care )

For this first month is all about getting into the routine of getting out and run.

Run plan: These runs had a 5-minute warmup and a run/walk interval of 30 seconds of running and 1 minute of walking.

4/2 – 15:24 average pace. Best effort of this part of the month.

4/4 – 17:13 AP

4/9 – 17:29 AP

4/11 – 16:23 AP

4/14 – 16:53 AP

Still a long way away for a sub 13-minute mile yet but love seeing the progression here.


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