Tops 5K Race Recap

With the few days left in this summer winding down faster than you can enjoy a good cup of bulletproof coffee, I thought that running a race in August was simply not going to happen.  My running during the month hasn’t been the best and my routine has been simply put gone since my husband has been on vacation and all the summer traveling.

In the quest of getting a reality check because after all I am registered to run a half marathon in late October, we found the Tops 5K was perfect for us.

Did you catch the “us” in that last sentence?


Yes, somehow my husband was game and wanted to see how he would fare walking this 5K.  The Tops 5K was a walk or run charity event that also included a 10K. Very newbie friendly… and a finisher’s medal! (Medals are so rare around here.)

The Race: Tops 5k
Date: Saturday, August 29, 2015
Time: 9:30 am
Location: Williamsville, NY
Weather: 63 degrees / 83% humidity

Race Plan: Survive the race. Plain and simple.

Of course, I wanted to get a PR although I knew in my heart that my running has been slow and sporadic… I needed a miracle to hit a PR. That said, all I wanted for this race was to regain the enthusiasm for training and have fun with my husband doing his first ever 5K!

From the first half mile, I felt really slow and heavy. It was a very sunny day with barely any breeze.  My brain was sending the signal to go faster, but my legs were having none of it. At that point, I gave the “go ahead” ahead look to the hubster and he increased his pace. At that moment, all I could think was “yeah, he got the racing bug!” It warmed my heart and motivated me to keep going.

Oh. My. Lord. Those last .25 miles  felt like there were going forever. I just wanted to be done. I had my power song on (Girlfriend by Avril Lavinge) and that gave me the last push! Once I saw the finish the feeling of accomplishment really overwhelmed me. I felt like crying for being able to make it. Maybe hormones or maybe just heat exhaustion, I was grateful for the opportunity to finish the race.


One thing is for sure, we both want to do better on our age groups. And so, let’s see how many more races I can get the hubster into!


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