Because we only live once...

That time we had a great end and a great start of the year


2014 was just okay. We had too many changes, moves, you name it last year to care much for it. Doesn’t it sound so weird when you say last year on the first day of the new year.

Thank goodness it ended on a high note.

We went to Orlando for a couple of days to visit my in-laws. The trip coincided with my babe’s milestone birthday. So you know we had to celebrate. How did we do it?


Playing Aggravation. It’s one of those family traditions that I enjoy. Ever since they open their hearts to me, we’ve been playing every time we can. And they can keep score. Our score sheet dates back to 2013. That’s so cray-cray!

Then, all things considered, if our great start to 2015 is any indication, fasten your seat belt because it’s going to be a blast.

Our, I mean, my 2015 started early at about 6am. De más estar decir, we went to bed early on New Years Eve. Usually, we celebrate New Years using Puerto Rico time. This time, we ate so much, laugh so much, enjoy time with family so much that we were wore out early. So, we celebrated using London time and went to bed.

Sure I want to become a morning person. However, this business of getting to be a morning person is serious business. Let me give you a little background on why I want to form this habit.

One of the things I love about the hubs is his work ethic. He always wakes up early. He always has a plan for the day. Because I’m being intentional this year with my actions, this are two habits I want to learn in 2015. Thus, waking early it is.

First 5K… Check. #nikerunning #runhappy

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Since self-care is one of my priorities for this year it was important for my psyche to go to the hotel gym and walk for at least half hour. I walked for an hour. 3.1 miles and a little more. I felt so accomplished and amped-up for the next workout.

All in all, day 365 of 365 and day one of 365, got their check mark on our win columns. We both enjoyed the trip. We both will keep aiming for small wins for the rest of this 365 day cycle.


We wished for sun. We got overcast days.

We wished for relaxing days. We got warm conversations with mom and dad. We loved every second of it.

We wish to start eating sensibly. Well, this one has to wait for when we get home.

We wished we could have stayed longer. This visit was too short.

How was your New Years? Did you score small (or big) wins? Let’s have a fantastic 2015. Here’s to small wins! I invite you to connect with me on Instagram and using the hashtag #savvymujer to share our small wins for the next 364 days!


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