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Planning is Awesome. Taking Action is Way Better! + One Thing You Can Do Today To Increase Your Online Visibility

Planning Is Awesome, Taking Action Is Way Better! SavvyMujer.com

And with this thought, we are changing a bit the focus of this blog. One of the elements that I haven’t done often in writing but that love to speak about when invited to blogging conferences is the empowerment that a message can give. It’s like getting a jolt of energy when you don’t even want to put your running shoes on and then run your best time.

I’ve been thinking, pondering, slow cooking on low if you will about this and like the quote says, planning is awesome but taking action is way better! Wepa!

What will you find here?

Let me tell you, we’ll be sharing social media resources, posts about forming a mindset for success and of course, a lot of what’s working in terms of SEO and strategies to take your Latina blog to a new level!

So, what’s the one thing you can do today to increase your online visibility on Facebook?

Take off your blogger hat and put your reader hat. As readers we don’t even skip a beat if we don’t see a status update from all the pages we have liked. I would be un-liking the world if I missed a family member’s status update because the page I like years ago was showing instead.

Yes, sometimes, or really most of the time, Facebook algorithms changes are so baffling! Now, it’s up to us to create engaging content that our readers will actually like and share. If you were a fan of your blog, what do you want to see? Answer that honestly and start increasing your visibility on Facebook.

Are you ready to start your engines!



  1. Helena

    March 13, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    Love the quote and the question! Thank you for making me see it from a different perspective.

    1. Yoly Mason

      March 14, 2014 at 1:41 pm

      So happy you enjoyed the post. Hope the question brings some clarity for your Facebook marketing efforts.

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