• Les Mills Combat - changes for week 3
    Healthy Living = My body is my temple

    Les Mills Combat – Week 3 Recap

    Today, I’m oh so glad week 3 of doing Les Mills Combat DVDs is over. This was a tough week mentally. Looking back at week 3: I’ve been going full steam since December 31st. This week all I felt so tired and sore.  Although there were days that I really didn’t want it to push play I did. My old self has battled this new habit of working towards being healthy. I got one thing to say to my old self, “na,na, na, na, na, you won’t make me stop!” Like the Dan & Rachael mentioned in the DVDs, I didn’t get it because it was easy. Changes & Results: A couple…

  • Healthy Living = My body is my temple

    Les Mills Combat – Week 1 Recap

    Can’t believe a week have gone by already. This 2013 is not for the faint of heart. I’ve done a full week of Les Mills Combat. Wow! That in itself is success for me. Two more weeks and it will – hopefully – be a habit and part of this new routine. The one thing I struggled was how to re-define my workflow. Having breakfast, waiting for digestion and then exercising made it for a very frustrating week. For week 2, one of the changes I’ve made is to exercise first thing in the morning and right after have breakfast. Now, I’m super excited because I was able to lose…

  • Les Mills Combat
    Healthy Living = My body is my temple

    Les Mills Combat – Day 1

    One of my pet peeves is that a new exercise program should always start on a Monday. Instead of sitting around and waiting for tomorrow, I decided to start Les Mills Combat program today. As I mention in the video, my starting weight is 160.9… Obviously, not where I want to be anymore and the baseline for this journey of healthy living. My goal for the next 9 weeks is to lose 10%. This will be the first goal as this will put me closer to a healthier BMI and hopefully have a leaner body and a healthy heart. This first week as well, I’m doing the 7 day jumpstart…