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Summer is better with Dr Pepper® (How to win Walmart eGift Cards!)

Dr Pepper® #SummerFUNd Contest

I’m so happy for warmer days. For us, they mean more running and playing outdoors! One thing is for sure, I want to make this summer memorable. I want to make this summer one of a kind for my family.

That said, that means it’s Dr Pepper® #SummerFUNd because Dr Pepper® makes summer “funner” and refreshing. What I love most is that there’s a Dr Pepper® for every adventure: Diet Dr Pepper®, Dr Pepper® Cherry or Dr Pepper®.

What better way to jumpstart your summer than getting Dr Pepper® (or Diet Dr Pepper®)?

It would be so awesome-sauce to see one of our readers win!

So, what else can you have a chance to win in addition to a chance to win a $5 Walmart eGift Card just for signing up? I’m glad you asked. When you buy your favorite flavor of Dr Pepper®, you earn a game piece to play for the Summer FUNd (and, if you buy $10 of Dr Pepper® product in one receipt you get two game pieces – talk about jumpstarting your chances to win!)

You can win:

  • $50 in Movie Cash, Gas Cash, and Dining Cash
  • $250 in Walmart eGift Cards, Amusement Park Cash, or Zoo Cash
  • $2,500 in Vacation Cash

Even better is that you have the opportunity to participate every day starting on May 1st until July 31st.

Here’s how to enter the contest if you are new to the FUNd:

1. Visit the #SummerFUNd site.



2. Sign up with your Facebook account or email address.



3.  Once you have registered, you can enter for a chance to instantly win a $5 Walmart eGift Card.



4. Check out the Scratch and Play game to discover if you are a winner!



5. Then, upload your receipt (see directions below)




Now tell me in the comments below, why do you love Dr Pepper®?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dr Pepper®. The opinions and text are all mine.


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