Stylish Tuesday: What to wear for Three Kings Day Fiesta or Get-together


Before we get into out first Stylish Tuesday, let’s talk a tiny bit about a Latino tradition.

For us, Christmas continues with the tradition of Three Kings Day celebrating it on January 6. Being raised Catholic, this is the day of the Epiphany when the three kings: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar offered their gifts.

Sure, we were raised in a very consumerist community where they pushed sales upon sales for almost every single “holiday” and special occasion, but my parents made the conscious effort to keep the tradition alive instead of giving in into the Santa Claus deal and this was when we got the better gifts. I still remember getting grass and a glass of water for the camels in a shoebox, getting dressed to go to mass and then meeting my mom’s side of the family for brunch.

Those were the days!

January 6 for us is a time to celebrate with family and that means a new outfit because after all you gotta have new clothes for the new year as a sign of great things to come!

Since one of my words for 2014 is irresistible, I shall start by trying to be more stylish. I must confess that style is not one of my strongest skills. I rather be comfy super comfy than stylish. Well, in 2014 I want that to change. Of course, it’s doesn’t have to mean that we’ll be spending a fortune but spending smarter and getting my wardrobe a much needed makeover throughout the year.

That’s how Stylish Tuesday was born!

I’ve drooled over some fashion pieces at that I love and they are easy on my wallet. Here’s what I would do (which is more than I would have ever done before!)


Button Down Top | Rockstar Demi-boot Jeans
DKNY Foundation in Raspberry | Mootsie Tootsie Baunice | Amira Noor Necklace

What I like is that the buttons do make the blouse! Of course, everything on the list is on sale. That’s my golden rule, do not buy at regular prices ever 😉

Tell me in the comments, what’s your perfect outfit for a weekend outing with your family.


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