Are you smiling back? My pledge to smile more + smell the roses.

Time to reflect on what beauty means and why if should not be tied together to weight loss.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the Mom2.0 Summit conference. It was a very enriching experience from meeting new friends, spending quality time with friends and learning new strategies to continue on my path to success.

What I didn’t expect was to reflect on how sometimes the lines between weight loss and beauty can be blurred in my mind. One of the things that touched my heart was the opening keynote session on Friday sponsored by Dove: Mirror Image: A New Way to Confidence. This was a chat moderated by Robin Meade and in it they showed a video of girls on Youtube asking strangers if they considered them beautiful or ugly. It broke my heart watching these girls relying on the opinions of strangers for such a loaded question.

First, because in my opinion beauty is very subjective. Giving strangers the opportunity to give their opinion can be even cruel when writing it gives them a certain condition of anonymity in most social networks. Second, because the girls in the video were beautiful in my opinion and they do not have enough self-confidence. I was heartbroken, I’m telling you.

Third, this conversation of “Are you pretty or ugly?”, made ​​me realize in that moment that this is a problem we all face no matter what our age is. Let me give you my example, last week I posted a picture showing how I had changed the color of my hair. By doing this, I was hoping (or rather hoped) that this “punishment” of letting go of the blonde hair color until I hit that magic number in my mind would get me running to my goal.

Just typing that right now, made me see how ignorant of me that I’m allowing that negative self talk . Why o why I’m making myself “ugly” in my mind because I’m overweight.

Why do this if one (me) should accept that we are always beautiful?

As the talk kept going it made me think why the desire to live a healthier life has to be tied to being perceived as beautiful? There is so much more beautiful qualities in ourselves. Beauty is a reflection of ALL of ourselves. Our smarts, our dreams, our passions, our actions are what makes us beautiful. Hey, that sounds like a tweetable:


So, what was my takeaway?

I am  more committed to continuing on this path to a healthier lifestyle. My pledge is to live healthier without prejudices, without negative self talk, and welcoming much more acceptance + joy in my daily life, to see my body as my temple. Above all, my pledge is to keep smiling back at my image in the mirror and to be present for my family.

With Mother’s day fast approaching, I’m here to invite you to take just 5 minutes (or more when we can) to smile back at the mirror, to be our own cheerleaders and to keep working on our path to make every day a good day for us!

What say you, do you take the pledge?



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