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Setting The Pace: Week In Review


There’s no shortcut.

This week was the first time running 5 miles, twice. Wow, I’m still in awe by what a little determination and a lot of sweat and willpower can do.

Training-Week2Finished week two of the Nike+ Running Coach function training (that’s a mouthful!)  I ran four days with the shorter runs being a joy to run. Ha! Would have never thought about saying three miles is just a short run.

This week the struggle was staying at my pace. I’ve tried to pick up my pace but on my long run I suffered by trying to run way to fast the first 2.5 miles… Talk about hitting a wall. That’s how I felt and almost gave up. Since I didn’t want to disappoint my sisters, I walk for maybe a quarter-mile and then tried running again at a slower pace. For next week, the plan is to start running at this slower pace, that’s about 14:40, and build slowly but surely from there.

I’m finding out that my best ally is to “proclaim” my goal to be at the gym at a specific time to the hubs so he can keep me on track which helped me yesterday when I could have probably slept in but since I had proclaimed that I wanted to be at the gym at 7am, he made sure I was up and ready to go on time. Which brings me to the most important point of my training so far.

You really need allies like your husband that helps with making sure distance and times are met and my sisters that are my accountability partners. Having a support system really helps that determination and willpower.

Let’s have a fantastic week!


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