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Savvy Inspired #1

I’ve been doing videos for Cuponeando for almost five years but just dawned on me that I haven’t done that many in English. That’s one thing I would like to change so let’s start now!

My friend Rachel over The Art Muse posted her take on oxblood and animal print. While I’m not an animal print believer yet, the oxblood jeans did caught my eye. This post inspired me to visit Kohls and get me a pair of oxblood jeans. Here’s the look:

Photo from my @Cuponeando’s Instagram account.

1. Now that I think about it, what I like the most is that the whole outfit cost me less than $20! Yes, a little crazy, I know, but the scarf was a gift, the sweater is from H&M (regular price $34.95) that was on sale last weekend for 2 x $19.95 and thanks to a reader I had a $6 Wrapp gift card! The pair of jeans were on clearance at 70% off… Can you say, score! To top it off, the shoes were free as well. We got them on one of those sales buy 2 get one free. The hubs got the 2 pairs and I got the free ones 😉

2. Around here we love cocktail time. Aunt Clara from Dominican Cooking have these gorgeous Kahlúa tres leches cake shots that look perfect for the next time we have friends over!

3. I might be in the market for a new camera so I’ve been devouring all thing Click it up a Notch! This Canon Lens comparison was specially helpful to see where we are going next.


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