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Running Geek: Half Marathon Training Week 2


What’s making this whole journey kind of cool is that this time I’m not worried about if the weight goes up or down. Well, that’s not entirely true, I AM hoping the weight goes down.

Yesterday was my first long run. As I walked to the gym my mind was doubting that I could make the three-mile run. After it was all done, my thought was, “Take that mind! I did it!”

Running Geek- Half Marathon Training Week 2That sense of accomplishment was very fulfilling!

Have you experience it? ‘Cause I felt like I could conquer the world, really, anything. Right there, I think if I want I can get good at this thing called running.

I tried to follow one of those training that only gives you distance but it felt flat. Plus, most of them assume you are a runner already. I wanted something more close to the lines of Couch to Half Marathon.

What training have you used that you’d recommend?

Since I’m on a self-imposed deadline – going to run the Puerto Rico Half Marathon in late March – it was time to find a training that appeal my eye. That’s when I came across this beginner’s half marathon training by the folks of Competitor and liked what I saw.

Since that training is for only 12 weeks, I’m following the first week for the first three weeks to make it a 15 week “er”. With the training working, let’s talk apps. I adore my iPhone and numbers (thus the Running Geek in the title.)

Nike+ Running

When I used to be a fitness nut many moons ago, I loved the Nike+ sensor. This time after trying different apps and taking into consideration that there will be indoor runs as well as outdoors, the Nike+ Running has been the most accurate app for me. I have the app setup to give me feedback ever 1/4 mile sans the time lapsed as my concentration is on distance instead of time for this first time.

Simple Interval Timer

This app is the one that keeps me on track. Like its name implies, the Simple Interval Timer let’s you set an action and a break interval as well as how many sets you want. Next week my training calls for two minutes of running and one minute of walking. I’m setting my app to a minute action and two-minute breaks. As for the sets, I aim high so there are intervals left when I hit the mileage needed for that run.

What apps do you use that are a must have? I’m all ears!

Next on the list to tackle is eating better. I notice this week how comfort meals are not good for my running mood or energy for that matter. This coming week we’ll be making adjustments and see how it goes.

Until next time, keep your eye on the prize!


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