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Rewinding June : Semi-Anual Update

Weight – January’15: 174.6 lb
Weight – July 1st: 161.3 lb

2015 is going by at blazing speeds. Ended June with a 2.5-pound loss which was pretty amazing! I’ve been working on making a conscious effort to consume quality complex carbs. Goodbye Mickey-D’s hashbrowns. This proved to be the kick I needed to start losing weight again. This business of losing weight after 40 is tough!

That said, I’m feeling very motivated to keep working on eating clean. Being so close to saying bye-bye to the 160s is a pretty good incentive! Do I dare to say it? The new goal is to lose at least 25 pounds before the Niagara Falls International Half Marathon.

Even with a little bit of travel last month I was able to keep my habit of 3 runs a week going. This by itself is a genuine reason to celebrate. Ran more than last month which is to be expected as I keep on keeping on.

I had mentioned last month about doing an August race. I feel like that’s too soon, so I’m going to do the proof of time race for the Goofy Challenge in September. That way I look forward to cover at least 10 miles a few times and having the chance to run them each time a little faster.

Since the weather is still warm, my plan is to race at least once a month. Right now, I have my eyes set on a 5K in mid-July, a 10K at the end of August, a 10-miler in September, the half marathon in late October, a 8k Turkey trot and a Freezing 5k in December. These will be pretty good reality checks for my Goofy Challenge race prospects.

Miles run in June: 43.2 (36.1 in May)
Average pace: 16’46” (16’31” in May)


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