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Recipe: Grilled Avocado & Black Bean Salsa


It feels like yesterday when we were complaining that Spring was kind of cold. Of course, this summer has not disappointed and it is hot! My mom will probably get mad at me with her “I told you so” when she finds out that after pretty much a lifetime I’m in love with avocados.

It’s so funny that when they were free because almost everybody in the family had an avocado tree in their backyards, I just didn’t care for it. Now, and, sure reading and watching all the benefits that avocados have, well, now I like them! So, moving from the avocados are only good for guacamole thing, we were looking for something a little different to serve as a side dish for my steelhead trout (who looks really like salmon!) That’s when we came up with this, “I’m done, let’s lick the plate”, Grilled avocado & black bean salsa.





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