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13 Songs That Make You Proud To Be Puerto Rican


The New York Puerto Rican Day Parade is coming soon. Although we should not need a specific day to feel proud to be Boricua this was my inspiration to prepare this running playlist.

This playlist with what I consider the essence of Puerto Rico music. There’s a little something for the nostalgia, the great orchestras that made “old school” puerto rican music so sabrosa to just a hint of reggaeton to acknowledge the new strides that are being made in music.

I had so much song doing the research for this playlist! I don’t know you, but I’m ready to run with pride! (or stand up and dance with my imaginary white long skirt.)

El Buen Borincano
El Gran Combo 94 BPM : 3:56

Yolandita Monge 106 BPM : 4:01

Fantasia Borinqueña
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz 111 BPM : 5:32

**No video for this one
Boricua Siempre Seré (Plena Reggaeton)
Jerry Rivera 113 BPM : 4:17

Enamorado de Puerto Rico
Plenealo 174 BPM : 3:58

Un Boricua En La Luna
Fiel A La Vega Ft. Roy Brown 120 BPM : 4:36

Cantaré a Puerto Rico
Plena Libre 125 BPM : 4:35

Ricky Martin 135 BPM : 4:05
El Son
Héctor Lavoe 132 BPM : 6:05

**This is not Danny Rivera, but it’s a rendition of Capullito de Alelí

Capullito de Alelí
Danny Rivera 135 BPM : 3:06

Una Noche En Borinquen
Los Pleneros del Quinto Olivo 145 BPM : 3:47

Marc Anthony 114 BPM : 5:12


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