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Post Workout Recipe: Peanut butter and Banana Green Smoothie


One thing has remained a constant this year: my obsession love for green smoothies. Recently, as I’m working on restarting this new habit of exercising regularly, I started to drink a green smoothie as my post workout refreshment.

I’ve tried pretty much every fruit but never thought of doing a peanut butter smoothie. Talking with the husband about how delicious the day before smoothie was, I quipped about not having enough fat/protein in it. Well, fear no more!

At his recommendation, and it almost irks me to have to give him hat tip for this one, to the kitchen I went and came out with an empty glass. This peanut butter and banana green smoothie is delicious! I could have licked the glass but I refrained myself 😉

How to make this green smoothie:


Quick recommendations:
If you prefer you can substitute de yogurt for a cup of vanilla flavored almond milk. Also, I would tell you to freeze the banana in chunks so it’s colder when you drink it (either way it’s fantastic!)


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