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On Grace And Courage


The fourth quarter shenanigans are ramping on, for sure. I find myself in a new season: the moving bravely season. It’s time to say goodbye to the burnout from my freelance work. Hello to embracing my #numbersnerd self.

Have you ever thought if you are on the right path with your life vision?

That’s where I’ve been since returning from my San Diego trip. This trip put so many thoughts and ideas into perspective. It was the little kick in the ass I needed.

As I’m working on launching my new business (you can take a peak here: there’s been plenty of crazy thoughts on my mind. To keep my sanity, I’ll be sharing lessons learned on this journey that’s going to be from zero to scale. My goal is to share the struggle, the hustle, the results and my musings about the journey. I want to inspire you to go after your dreams.

So let’s dig into this week’s lessons.

5 things to help you prepare for success that matters

1. Embrace grace and courage. Grace to me is what keeps me connected with my self-awareness. It’s being compassionate with yourself when mistakes happens. (Spoiler alert: they will happen.) If we can be graceful with our friends, why not with ourselves too. Courage will keep you moving forward. Even if that means baby steps. Moving bravely, moving forward.

2. Setting realistic expectations. In my opinion, going into a new business there’s two options for growth. What do you have more of right now: time or money? Once you have decided what you have to offer your dreams, then set your expectations.

In my case, I’m choosing to start with time. I want time to talk with potential clients, time to develop my writing style on the new blog.

3. Find your Golden Hours. There’s a time when we are the most productive. It makes no sense to push yourself to do something. Let’s say, in the morning if you feel like that’s the time you are best doing self-care or running errands.

For me, my Golden Hours happen between 11 and 3. (Took a glance at my watch, yeap, it’s 11:33am as I write this post.)

4. Develop a MVP. Minimum Viable Product. Earlier in the year, I tested a new class. It proved the content was good and that there’s a market for it. (By the way, the same goes for your blog.)

Look at what you have to offer and take it for a spin. It doesn’t have to be a big elaborate product. What matters is that there’s people interested in your product or service. Now, it’s time to scale!

5. Start documenting early on. Let’s face it, at the beginning it’s kind of hard to ask for help because we feel the business need all our attention. There are aways repetitive tasks (daily or otherwise) that are at the bottom of the “things I love to do” list. Take a little time to maybe record a short video of you explaining how you do the task or writing down detailed steps.

This will come oh-so handy when you are ready to start delegating tasks to your team.

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My hope is that by being intentional on your business from the start it will lead us to have a little more balance in life.

Where are you in your business?


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