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Appetizer: Mofongo Balls


If there’s one thing my family loves is mofongo. Green plantains are a Puerto Rican staple.

I still remember the times my parents took us to my granddad farm where they would go to help him to pick bunches and bunches of green plantains. Once the trunk of both cars were packed we would drive like we were in a caravan back to grandpa’s house. Those were THE days!

I’m grateful my husband got to meet him when his mind was still working mighty fine. He was a great farmer and salesman. That’s where I got my entrepreneurial spirit from, but I digress.

It’s said that Puerto Ricans have “the stain of the plantain.”  That’s the invisible mark of our Boricua pride. When I was preparing these, the husband was remembering how once one of his friends told him that  now that we were dating he also had the mancha de plátano or the stain of the plantain… and yes, he’s proud about that!

If there’s one thing my husband’s family loves is football. Football is their all-American tradition. It’s time like these when you will obviously tell we are a bicultural family. It’s my love for the kitchen, relishing my childhood memories from Puerto Rico and the competitiveness of my husband and his love for football.

Without further ado, here’s the Mofongo balls recipe:


And even Guy Fiery from Dinner, Drive-Ins and Dives agree, mofongo rocks!


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