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Making a comeback

What a summer it has been!

First, there was BlogHer ’17 here in Orlando. That was such a great time to reconnect with old friends and meeting new ones.

Summer has been fun, an excuse to eat everything under the sun and lately embracing a new hobby: bowling. We are finally settled in Orlando and my sister just finished her Master’s degree. Mission accomplished!

Since school is back in my area today, what better time to recommit to my health goals and make a comeback with my Keto lifestyle. I really like this way of eating but have learned that you can’t put just half-ass effort and think you’ll do amazing.

My husband (an Air Force Vet) lives by the mantra of 100/0. For him, that’s always giving 100% effort with zero excuses. After doing things my way and usually coming short on things that I don’t pour myself into, I’m going to embrace this philosophy.

Goals to end 2017 strong

1) Signup and run the OUC Half Marathon and better my time (3:40)

2) Signup a new team member for my business ventures

3) Do and embrace keto religiously

So, in the spirit of 100/0 mantra my husbands live by – and that I want to embrace – below is my new “before” picture. I’m adding it here because there’s nothing more terrifying that public accountability.

There’s no reason to wait until January 1st, my birthday in October or any other arbitrary date to start… For you my reader, I will be sharing what is all about to be doing keto after 40 (years-old).

No better time than today!



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