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A look back at January 2014


Wow, can you believe that January 2014 is gone already!

It’s crazy.

The snow pretty much has succeeded to derail my goal of running the Puerto Rico Marathon but I’m going to keep plugging along with running as many 3 miles a day as I can. After taking a look at the numbers, I’m so proud.

I ran 30 miles in January! 30 miles… who would have thought. That’s about a mile a day, not bad at all. Did I mentioned I’m no longer in the 160s? Not looking pregnant anymore feels pretty good.

Running has also helped me to take me time, which really, it’s the best part of this active lifestyle.  It has allowed me to rationalize the tons of ideas and deciding which ones should my company focus first. It has also has helped me to listen a few podcast to keep up with what’s going on in the marketing field.

Now, I’m really thinking of doing the New Jersey Half Marathon in late April. That would allow a full extra month to keep training. Just moving the goal date but not the real goal 😉 Running is really helping to put into perspective how time is spent and really pushing me to be the best version of me that can help others.

To Running!


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