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Les Mills Combat – Week 1 Recap

Can’t believe a week have gone by already. This 2013 is not for the faint of heart.

I’ve done a full week of Les Mills Combat. Wow! That in itself is success for me. Two more weeks and it will – hopefully – be a habit and part of this new routine.

The one thing I struggled was how to re-define my workflow. Having breakfast, waiting for digestion and then exercising made it for a very frustrating week. For week 2, one of the changes I’ve made is to exercise first thing in the morning and right after have breakfast.

Now, I’m super excited because I was able to lose 2.4 pounds (1% body fat) and 1/2″ off the waist. These results really push me to work on a better and healthier me.

Here’s to week 2!



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