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Cocktail time: Lemon Berry Fizz

Lemon-Berry Fizz
Lately we have been dreaming of cooler weather. The hot weather has been beating us down. Don’t get me wrong, we love summer time! However, these days we are looking for a refreshing drink… even more refreshing than a beer if you ask my husband. In my quest to find a drink that both of us can enjoy and since he loves blueberries and I love lemon, this Lemon berry fizz was born.

If you ask me, this is the best of both worlds. He gets his blueberries and I get the citrus flavor from the lemon. Everybody wins!

A few tips: you can always skip the alcohol. If you don’t have blueberry flavored vodka, regular vodka will do as well as gin or light rum. It’s up to you!

And before I forget, you know what would be fantastic for this cocktail? If the day before you prepare “flavored” ice cubes. Prepare an ice tray with a few blueberries and raspberries and a little lemon rind… it would be the bomb!



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