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January in review

Progress report for the month of January 2015.

January = Success!

It was a crazy month full of changes. Good changes. Changes that makes you gasp and give yourself the best self pep-talk ever like when my sister flew in to live with us.

My days now have more cooking, more exercise, more laughs and yes, more research. Love that I have a millennial brain to pick, LOL. In all seriousness, the hubs and I were happy about this but once she got here we felt like we just a daughter and the responsibility of it all. What drives us to be great parents to her is the fact that we want her to succeed and we have the experience to guide her through the time we get to have with her. That’s all we can aim for! Are you with me?

Since I feel so privileged to have her with us, I started a dinner experiment, #cenaconvale365 to document our cenas juntas. It’s going to be interesting to see how this project will inevitably evolve.

On a lighter note, (ha!, pun intended) I mentioned in The Monday 5 this:


It’s so exciting to have lost a few pounds! All thanks to being more intentional with my time and yes, sweating more by deciding to train for a half marathon… yes, for real this time. This has been a goal for at least a year or two but I never felt inspired much.

As a family we have adopted the mantra 100% responsibility, 0 excuses. It has changed my mindset. I think I’ve used every excuse in the book to not exercise. Maybe it’s that I’m enjoying having my sister here or maybe is that I’m feeling healthy and motivated again.

Since it’s the year of zero excuses, I’ve been pushing myself to run for longer periods of time. In January was able to jog/walk 13 miles with an average pace of 18’53”.

Here’s to a fantastic February!


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