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How I’m kicking Multi-tasking to the curb*


I’m reading the latest *insert your interest here* report while researching for that post I need to write tonight to meet my deadline or let’s converse with our significant other while we work on our social media platforms. Sounds familiar? More often than not, I feel like being pulled in twenty different directions while trying, yes trying, to finish one task.

I once was a proud self-proclaimed multitasking ninja, but sadly it’s time to say goodbye to this habit. I’ve tried staying up late at night, waking up earlier and still have things unfinished! So, why not try to focus on one thing at a time. Oh, I can picture my husband with a smile waggling his finger at me with the infamous “I told you so!” Don’t get me wrong, he’s super supportive but I’m very hard-headed when it comes to listen to his advice but, I digress…

To bring our A game as we prepare to scale our business up it’s time to kick multitasking to the curb.

4 tips to increase our productivity

  • Start the day with a 15-30 minute “let’s plan our day” meeting. Bringing structure to our days help us to focus and be more productive.
  • Set appointments for high priority tasks. Instead of having a to-do list that can be huge or never-ending, we have started to assign appointments on Google Calendar to the tasks that are high priority. Now, the key is to honor those appointments!
  • Set a specific time when you are going to check email. For me what’s working right now is to check email for 15 minutes in the morning (8:00 am to be specific) and then in the afternoon at 3:30pm. To have fewer distractions, we have disable email notifications and switched from timed email push to manual push from our smartphones.
  • Take breaks between tasks. This has been important, once we have finish a task, we take a 5 minute break. Sometimes, I use this five minutes to walk around the office, or go up and down the stairs or simply take a look at Facebook but just 5 minutes.

3 Apps to keep me on track:

  • Controlled multi-tab browsing, a Chrome extension that will limit how many tabs you can have open.
  • Podio (that’s my affiliate link)  Project management app that’s free up to five users. My favorite feature is the calendar where you can have those appointments mentioned earlier and you can assign them to your team members as well.
  • Pocket: think of it as a folder where you can bookmark pages you want to read later. You can use tags to help you organize your bookmarks.

And the asterisk, well, I’m allowing myself to multitask when attending social media events because

1) Grabbing sound bites or jotting down notes will help me remember what I need to work on when going back home.

2) It’s good karma to share golden nuggets of wisdom with others.

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What’s your biggest time waster? What are you doing to be more productive? What else should I be doing, hit me with your tip!

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  1. Yvonne

    May 13, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    Interesting post. I like the tips but have to laugh at your asterisk. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yolanda

      May 20, 2013 at 8:30 am

      Glad you enjoy the post!

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