Goofy Training Week 13/36



Something has finally clicked! I’ve been able to run taking minimal breaks. And that is a glorious feeling to have. This past week I started to run a little better and longer.

Maybe it’s that I finally had a week where I followed the program 90% of the time, LOL. I did three runs as I felt like the body wanted a little rest, anyways, I’m treating that fourth run like a  kind of a bonus run.


I was out the door bright and early trying to dodge the humidity. I was trying a new pair of shoes and they really were hurting. My feet were so sore at mile 1! I had no other choice than to finish this “run” by walking it out.


The next day I went out. Again, I felt tired put pushed through. I don’t want that running habit to get a bad signal. I’m telling you, this was one run I was ready to put behind me.

I was in a funk and there was no 4th run and decided to take a rest.



When the weekend rolled around, I was so uninspired to run. I saw that my long run was “just” 3 miles and I felt cheated. I’ve been pushing along and now this training plan wants me to take it easy?

Since I was in this “listen to your body” mood, I felt like that was a good option and to suck it up and do the 3 miles as prescribed.

So. Glad. I. Did.

It was like a breakthrough. This is the fastest I’ve run in training (sans treadmills, but those don’t count in my mind.) Super excited to see what the future holds!


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