Goofy Challenge Training: Week 9/36

Had so much fun discovering new blogs that I’m joining Tara (Running ‘n’ Reading) and the gang again for the Weekend Update!

And we are finally into official training to Goofy territory! 27 weeks from now it will be bliss! {Right?}

I feel like I got a good foundation going on. Being the rebel at heart that I am – ha! – my runs look completely different to the plan.



We had gone back to Sault Saint Marie and the front desk gal told us about a nearby trail. I was so thrilled about checking it out. Well, it would have been wonderful except my lovely sense of direction threw me for a loop, literally.I was walking around in circles and all I got was a measly 6-mile walk/jog {which messed up my average pace} and a nice suntan. So, instead of running for just 45 minutes it became a 2-hour affair.


The second run, I got talked into doing a three-day challenge (3K, 5K, 8K) and did this one almost 2-mile jog.


This is when the training plan and my senses came back. To get back on track and still be “in” the challenge I did the 5k. I was very happy with my time. I don’t know why I perform better on the treadmill… maybe it’s having all the numbers in front of me or maybe is having the gym A/C on. Hmmm!

Since the last day of the challenge was on July 4th and we had plans to go see the town’s parade and having a cookout after it, it was enough excuse for me to not have to run. Also, I order a pair of Hoka One One {since it seems like everybody on Instagram loves them} to see if all of their cushioning helps ease my metatarsal pain.


27 runs/116 {I’ll be adding a 4 run day in early fall.}
84 miles/598 {I’ll be adding more miles in early fall.}


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  1. Jennifer

    July 9, 2015 at 3:58 pm

    Can’t believe it is already July! Fall marathons will be here soo soon and then Disney!

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