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Goofy Challenge Training Week 8/36


This run started so promising. My sister was running with me. I was going fast. (remember, right now, that’s anything better than 15:15.) And then a combination of super dark clouds, plenty of humidity and me feet “dancing” in the shoes killed the run just shy of 3 miles.

I really need to figure out this sock issue. There’s too much friction that makes my feet get so hot.


Literally waited until the last minute to do this 5K. I’m so glad I did run it. It was not as close to THE Niagara Falls but close enough. This was my first experience with running with fast runners and although it didn’t feel oh-so-good to be a back of the pack runner, it really help me run the fastest so far! Check out my Run In The Mist 5K recap.


Since I’m planning on moving to 7 miles next week, I took it easy on this run. Also, I was still sore from the 5K. I think since it was at *technically* night time, my body wanted more time to rest.

So eight weeks in, I’m happy with my progress!


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