Goofy Challenge Training Week 7/36

Had so much fun discovering new blogs that I’m joining Tara (Running ‘n’ Reading) and the gang again for the Weekend Update!

I never thought the weather could change *this* quick in the Niagara Falls area. Well, it does and I’ve become the family weather woman. Always looking at a weather app to decide what days and what times to go out for a run. That said, this week was a Monday, Wednesday and Friday kind of week.

Monday 6/15 – 2.75 miles

The training plan I’m following asks for a 45 minute run.  So 45 minutes I did. Can’t put my finger on what made this run so forgettable. Since it looked it was going to rain for two whole days, this was a treadmill run.

Wednesday 6/17 – 3.2 miles


Old habits die hard, LOL. My dream goal is to lower my 5K time to be closer to 35 minutes. It’s an achievable goal since I’m still a new runner and doing the run/walk dance. So, instead of doing a “just” 45-minute run I’ll keep running 3.1 miles!

My objective for this run was to find my “magic mile”. The first my was treated like a brisk walk warmup. Then a jog for the next half mile and then made the decision to go for the MM. It clocked at 14:00. That was hard work!

Saturday 6/20 – 6.21 miles


This run was all about redeeming myself from last week’s long run. I was so excited about this run that I was out the door before 7 am. {That’s a first!} This was all about testing the Superfeet insoles on a long run as much as trying to see if I was definitely the fastest I’ve ever been. You see back in January 2014 I had run the same distance clocking 1:45:59. {So it says Nike+.}

First half of this long run felt so good. Jogged most of the time and was mindful of attaining an even pace. Then the second half I don’t know why, on mile 5 I thought I still had two miles to go and got discouraged and walked for a couple of minutes instead of 30 seconds. It wasn’t until half a mile later that I realized my mistake. I still had time to make this a personal best. “How bad do you want it?” thought crossed my mind. Right there and then, I picked up the pace.

When I got home it was a bittersweet feeling. Hubs was so happy because it the new personal best time. Me on the other hand kept thinking that I could have done a better job. There was a little more fuel in these geek legs.



21 runs/116 {I’ll be adding a 4 run day in early fall.}
63 miles/598 {I’ll be adding more miles in early fall.}

Do you ever feel like you could have run faster, longer, better on a long run? What’s your favorite after run snack?


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  1. Haley

    June 22, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    I am a big fan of chocolate milk for a post run fuel. It has the perfect blend of carbs and protein for recovery.
    I also tend to over analyze my runs and wish I could have performed better. I usually save the sulking for after my tempo runs though and take it easy on the long run judgmental thinking. Remember those are all about covering the distance. Don’t beat yourself up too bad. You still did it!

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