Goofy Challenge Training Week 5/36

What a difference a month can make!

What a difference a month can make!

Last week was weird. I’m not sure if it was all that Mercury retrograde stuff or that we spent a week in the Ontario area, meaning there was no known path or having to improvise.

Since we stayed at the same hotel this time around, I took a picture with the same shirt to compare because I haven’t see results yet. I do now!

Usually, I run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but because National Running Day was on Wednesday, I switched up the running days. I think doing this for the first time ever was tricky for my psyche.

Monday started with a bang and then the wheels came off. I was a little overzealous and biked for about 45 minutes on Tuesday. Biking when you still need to lose weight to be in shape, no bueno.

My thighs were so sore the next day that the day I really wanted to do awesome got just an obligatory super short run so I could checked that box. So, then I tried to do better on Thursday and although it felt good I was just slow. Friday was a travel day only.

Here’s where I stand right now. I’m happy that I’m covering the distance the app planned for my training plan (which is ultimately run the Goofy Challenge).

Starting this week I’m going to incorporate 4 runs a week. It means my running days will switch to Monday, Wednesday, Friday + Saturday. We’ll see how it goes. I feel like it’s better (of course) if I can complete all my runs outside than on the treadmill right now.  Now, if only I could be a little faster consistently.



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