In this quest for doing the Goofy Challenge, you could say that my sister wanted me to do a “stress test” before meeting in Florida. So, we decided to run the Niagara Falls International Half Marathon on October 25th. I’m pretty excited as this is my wedding anniversary slash birthday weekend and we are going to get to celebrate with my family. Plus, she’s so psyched about running with me!

I considered changing the name of this training log but instead I’m just going to stay the course.


I was looking into changing the training plan yet again. This combined with a couple of rainy days meant that the first run didn’t happen until Wednesday.

A little longer than the prescribed 45 minutes but I wanted to make sure that my body can take this “type of abuse” LOL.


It’s so hard to trust the program when all your friends can run more miles than you. As you can see the theme of the week was all about being an overachiever. For this run I tried a new route that has a tiny hill. It was nice except that I really need to get to this route earlier in the day when there’s less traffic.


This run was all about proving to myself that I can do this. There were a few thing going against me on this run. First, my husband wanted to drop the car for an oil change and then going to the supermarket. It wasn’t until almost 11 am that I went out. Second, the day was super humid! But, newbie Yoly thought that it wouldn’t matter to do this run. After all, I had run 6.2 miles already… what would be so bad about doing 7 miles, right?

What was bad is that I’m not used to take water with me and by mile 4.5 I felt like I was melting from the sunny day. At mile 5 I was taking a walking break and decided to call the husband to ask for a pep talk. He was the nicest! He knew I had slow down since I sent him the Livetrack link of my run and offer to bring me some water. Gotta love the man! Once I had some cool water I was good to finish.

Many lessons learned this week for sure. It’s time to start testing race fuels 🙂

33 runs/116
110 miles/598


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