Goofy Challenge Training: Week 10/36

This past week was a good one. I’m very happy with my progress and am really hungry for speed! I’m watching my diet closely. Our farmer’s market opened this weekend which will make eating more veggies a breeze.

I’m considering changing this training log name change to reflect the training for my fall half marathon. After it we can get back to Goofy. I want to concentrate on having a fantastic first half marathon instead of just going through the motions.



Now, that’s more like the plan I’m following. Once again, I ran the first mile the fastest and then sloooww down and then tried to pick up the pace when there was almost no gas left in the tank.

I had no real goal for this run. I ran for the first time in a pair of Hoka One One Bondi 3. To say it felt weird is an understatement. In a sense, I felt like running barefoot or “naked” because I could feel every single thing that is wrong in my running form (or lack of). The one thing I loved about this run: running toe pain-free!


I was a little concerned about this run because we had gone to spend the afternoon in Niagara Falls and ended up walking 5 miles. I thought my legs would feel very heavy. Silly me, legs were good and this was another good “easy” run.



I hem-hawed about doing a 10K. I felt prepared as I’ve covered six miles before. What I loved about this run is that I was in the right frame of mind! I loved seeing how close I was to my pace goals and how fun it is when everything works just right. You can check out my recap here.

It felt great to tick yet another box on this just started running journey. This run made me think I’m ready to tackle the Niagara Falls International half marathon in October and again in January. It did bring doubt if in fact I go for the WDW marathon.

Being realistic with this time, I’m closer to do the marathon in seven hours than five hours… I’m not sure I want that time to be the goal for my first marathon. I’m going to keep running this training plan and reassess in October. I want to kick ass not just get by!


30 runs/116
97 miles/598


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