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Gluten Free on a Budget

Money saving tips to go gluten-free on a budget!Love living gluten-free but don’t love how expensive it can be at times? I’ve shared simple tips to go gluten-free and now want to share these money saving tips to go gluten-free on a budget!

Make your own. Yes, the gluten-free mixes available nowadays are amazing! However, they’re expensive. So, to save some moolah (and eat healthier!), make your own pancakes, waffles, breads, snacks, etc instead of buying them already made. To start, try this delicious coconut pancake recipe.

Tip: Once a month, prepare your favorite baking mixes. You can use these for pizza, breads, cookies, and more!

Shop national brands when possible. While it’s fun to cruise down the gluten-free aisle (yay! Everything’s safe!), it can mean jacked up prices. Easily avoid the over-priced gluten-free items by shopping in the regular aisles for condiments and other items that are gluten-free. Be sure to check labels carefully – but you might be surprised at how many national brands have items that are gluten-free… without the price hike!

Use coupons. If you’re a member of any gluten-free groups, message boards, etc, chances are some of the other folks know how to get ahold of coupons for gluten-free items. Also, if you have a favorite brand, email or tweet to them! Ask them how you can get some coupons so you can continue to be a loyal customer. Most brands have coupons available… you just have to find them!

Tip: Try Be Free for Me! They offer free samples and coupons if you sign up for their newsletter.

Skip the meat. Wait, you want me to eat gluten-free and vegetarian?! Now, now… just hear me out. You don’t have to become vegetarians, but skipping meat a few nights a week can save a ton! Check out The Gluten Free Goddess for lots of great vegetarian and vegan meal ideas.

Think simple. Soups, pastas, and casseroles are generally low-cost and provide the variety that many of us crave in our diets. If your kiddos are reluctant veggie-eaters, you can even “sneak” a few into meals like these.

Leftovers. While leftovers aren’t always fun, they can save a few bucks if you eat them just once a week even. Sometimes you can “remix” them, and make a new meal! If you have a casserole one night, add a crust to the top the next night and you have a pot pie.

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What are your best tips for being gluten-free on a budget? Leave them in the comments!


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