Get Your Rear in Gear 5K Recap


Once I registered for my first #runDisney event ish got real. This was at the end of April and that sparked the idea of running a race every month at least until January when the big challenge takes place.

I wanted a baseline, a starting point for this journey. What better place to do my first race than the place I’ll go to complete the biggest challenge I’ve done in my adult life: Orlando!

It was mid May… I had a different 5K race in mind planned… one with finisher medals for all. It was tempting but it also was a bigger event in attendance and my introverted self was hyperventilating at that fact. Then when I had mustered up my courage the registration for that 5K was closed.


I was bummed out. We had this gorgeous and roomy Mazda 3 for the weekend and I really wanted to do a 5K to keep my motivation going. As fate would have it, my first 5K was the Orlando Get Your Rear in Gear 5K.

No medal, no problem. I love that the Get Your Rear in Gear 5K is a race where the proceeds go towards colon cancer research and prevention. Plus, having the 5k walk start right after the the 5K timed run was appealing to me. You know, that meant I was (kind of) guaranteed not to be dead last in this race. Ha!


To make sure the race would happen for me, I went to do my pre-race registration. Then I texted my husband the picture above. There was no quitting now!

April was so week in terms of mileage that this race would test my determination of making this a hobby I would enjoy. So to feel better prepared, I ran the day before as well to get acclimated to Orlando humidity. It would also count to make sure I ran my three runs a week. What can I say, I love to cross off runs on my calendar!


Dinner night before, was buffet style. (Can you tell where hubby seat was?) I didn’t eat a lot as did not wanted to feel heavy in the morning. That night, I went early to bed and let the butterflies in my stomach wake me up. I was so relieved when I saw the overcast skies!


Then it was time to get ready. I thought it would have been one of those where I would drive by myself but was so happy when hubby got up and went with me. It helped calm my nerves. It’s so funny, now that I write about it, it feels like I’m gearing up to run an Olympic trial or something, LOL. We were rocking to the 80s thanks to Sirius XM and the Bose speaker system! {Why my car can sound like this!}


We really enjoyed all the space this sedan offers. Wish I had taken a picture of the trunk. We were able to put our big bags and carry ons in. (We have no idea what travel light means!) Hubby was disappointed he didn’t bring his golf clubs because there was a lot space.


The setting: Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake. USATF certified course.

For all the time we lived in Orlando, this was our first time at this park. It was nice. You could feel the humidity in the air. I was so happy the rain hold off!


I had my playlist ready for 50 minutes. That was the goal for this race. In my mind started in the right place; I lined up right in between the last group of runners and the first team of walkers. Then the race director gave the most famous words in racing (are they? I though of it as I think it’s similar to NASCAR, haha), “On your marks! Get set! Go!” and off we went.

Like with every race (I imagine) every body was fast on those first 5 minutes. It was crazy seeing people zig-zag their way to the front. I kept telling myself, “Run your own race, forget about the others.” Since I was doing the run/walk intervals I worked the right side edge of the bike path course.

The start/finish line.

The start/finish line.

It was great to see they had two water stations set up. Thank goodness because it was hot and humid. I walked to both stations and drank the water on the first and pour the water on my head on the second. That felt good! It felt like I had found my second wind.

That last quarter mile was killer. It was by the water and even more humid.(I’ve forgotten what humidity is since living up in the Northeast.) At that point I was walking more than running. That was until that last turn where there were a bunch of people cheering for us. What a morale booster that was! Then, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne came up and I got a high five and from there I ran ’til the end.

My freshly minted Garmin says I ran it in 51:01 but the official results have me clocking in 50:38 – I’ll take that!



When I was ready to cross that finish line, my eyes welled with tears, a big smiled started to show up and a sense of “Take that mind, I can do this!” took over. And just like that my love for races has begun and I’m hungry for speed 😉 I can tell you, I was glad hubby had “our” Mazda 3 running because that AC {and the 80s music playing} never felt so good than after toweling off and changing shirts!


Hey ma! Look, I’m a runner!

Do you remember your first race? Breezy or humid? What are your “perfect” running conditions?


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  1. Jennifer

    June 22, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    Congrats on the 5K despite the heat and humidity!

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