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Friday loves: Back from vacay, a jazzy tune + I need your opinion!

How was your week? Good? Awesome!

Mine, was good if you count having to unpack from our vacation week in Canada or getting caught up with your never-ending to-do list. Oh, who am I kidding!

toronto-canadaWe had a great time visiting Toronto and Thunder Bay! The weather was gorgeous. The hubs was on cloud nine since he took his golf clubs and play one of the best rounds in a long time. I fell in love with Kelsey’s! Proof is the messy fish sandwich photo I shared on Instagram.

On other news, while my friends complained about the heat wave in California… I had to turn on the heat last night. We’ve been in the 40s at night. And, it’s only September!

I have an eclectic taste in music and this is the best cover/adaptation I’ve seen to the song All About That Bass. Lovely, indeed.

It’s such a great body image song! Booty and all 😉

Now, I have big bilingual plans for the blog! Would love to know what would you like to see? Tell me, en confianza. (in confidence)  😉

Enjoy the weekend!


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