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Friday Loves: Curly hair, underdogs and beating resistance

Embracing my curls!

Embracing my curls!

Friday, Friday! My favorite day of the week is here. It represents the last day of exercise for the week as well as date night. Those two are really important to keep my joy and family balance. What are your non-negotiable?

You know that perennial problem of if you have curly hair you want it straight and if you have it straight you want it at least wavy. That’s a struggle for me. However, this week it was all about comfort and little laziness to tell you the truth. So, here’s what it looks like. After revealing a look in a video, and getting some feedback… The curls are here to stay 😉

And that’s my segue to beating resistance. I’ve been procrastinating about my new project to help other bloggers to attract more traffic and make more money in the process. I had a couple of false starts but now I feel like there’s no stopping. I’ve been a professional blogger for almost 6 years. My degree is in Computer programming. So, experience, checked.

What helped to beat resistance? A conversation with another entrepreneur. We were tossing ideas around and then she said, I don’t understand your business (referencing to this passion project of mine) and that’s when it clicked. Stop being scared of what others would criticize + share your knowledge with others. As a result of that convo the Tune Up Your Blog series is on!

You can check out the video at my other casita

Before moving to my next Friday love, if you are battling resistance I cannot recommend enough the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Excellent book!

Now, I’m in love with the first running playlist put together with lots of lovely thoughts for you! It’s so fun to be in a better mood after a run and actually wanting to play it again and dance.. just sayin’

In other news, The MLB World Series is set. After visiting Kansas City last week to meet with our partners at HR Block Blog Talk (I write for them) I fell in love with the KC! So, secretly I’ve been rooting for the Giants. I couldn’t be happier about the teams. It’s almost like a the Underdog World Series. It starts on Tuesday, I’ll be watching, will you? Go Royals!


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