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Fitness Friday: At the beginning of the road

The mandatory "I'm ready to leave this number behind picture."

The mandatory “I’m ready to leave this number behind picture.”

What. A. Week.

We moved to Western New York this week. It’s been really busy around here, to say the least. I’m happy that pretty much everything is unpack except for my playroom. There’s always one room, right?

I’ve been avoiding the scale for months but I promised my body that I would see where this journey will begin so we can prepare a good roadmap to our success. It was not pretty – at all!

Once we got the weigh-in out of the picture, it was time to start tracking my meals. For this I’m relying in the super duper app MyFitnessPal. This week, it was a healthier frozen meals kind of week. They are not my favorite but there was no time for cooking and cleaning dishes. This worked really well for me.

"It's going down, I'm yelling timber You better move, you..."

“It’s going down, I’m yelling timber
You better move, you better…”

This was the perfect first quick win my ego needed to keep going. Going from “I don’t really want to know how many crappy calories” that I was eating to being strict and strategic about eating only 1,300 calories was more difficult mentally more than anything else.

The plan going forward is going to be to take advantage of the fact that we have a new area to discover and be more active. For example, this weekend we are going to check a couple of farmers markets as well as a meat market. I’m excited about the possibilities!

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