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Finding motivation to keep running


I have left the snow and the weather slow me down these past two weeks. In a sense, I welcomed the newfound time.On the other hand, I promised my sister I would do a half marathon with her. I don’t see it happening. But rest assured, it will happen!

Today I ran 2.83 miles before calling it quits. I had scheduled a 4 mile run but it was so windy and looking like it was going to rain that I ran back home. It felt so good to run outside! My first run in almost a week. Both treadmills are broken down at the gym and although you might suggest getting our own treadmill, I’m resisting the idea since we might not finish the year here.

Oh well. Now that I’m done with my pity party let’s talk about how you find motivation to keep running. Do you prefer to run outside or on the treadmill?

Running/jogging/walking opened up a time slot in my calendar to listen to podcasts. I’m not much of music listener but love to let my mind wander off to idea-land while having a business podcast as the white noise. Now a days, I cherish the fact that running time is podcast time. I want to go out so I can listen to Social Media Examiner or Podcast Answer Man.

Do you have an accountability partner(s)?

This has been key for me. My sisters and I have a secret Facebook group where we share data from our runs, funny motivational pictures, brag, get cheered on or lectured depending the case. I love it! When we are around people that share our same vision and goals I really think the sky is the limit. Actually, this also works for business.

Instagram. Once I got past posting pictures of my food, I “graduated” to posting pictures of my runs. The #running community that exists on Instagram is amazingly supportive. A few hashtags you should use are #running #run #runners #training #runhappy #runtoinspire #runchat #happyrunner #workouttime #instarunner #instarun #instagood #cardio #marathon #time2run #fit.

Those are my three main motivators to keep running.

Cheers to our health,


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