Embracing work to be a better human

Since my sister moved with us, it’s been a pleaseant surprise on how much I missed talking geeky topics. Topics like experimenting with adding or taking foods out of our diets or what’s the best kind of exercise for this season of life. Our conversations have been sometimes mind blowing.

Then something magical happened.

Since started to think about how fun those conversations are and seeing how making a few tweaks and working on developing new habits I’ve seen firsthand how well they translate to being a better person. And so, I have clarity now of what the mission for SavvyMujer must be.

Now we live in a perpetual torrent of information, much more than we can use productively, and it’s making us lonely, polarized, intolerant, worried, and jaded.” – David Cain

I think I have it now: my mission is to share experiments, tweaks and new habits that we all can do for getting better at being human. I strive to be the best version of me I can be every day. You too?



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