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The Desire Map: A book review

Core-desire-feelings-savvymujerNot so long ago a dear friend ask, “What are you going to do to move forward with your dreams?”

“Great question, (sigh)” I said. Has it happened to you, that you know you know your stuff, have been working feverishly towards a goal and when you are close to make it fear and self-doubt move in.

Yeah, that’s happened more than once or twice.

Lately, I’ve been feeling disconnected from my goals. My desire to teach others about this amazing world of the business of blogging has been growing on me. But the how-to execute has been a mind block.

That was until I read The Desire Map.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to make this a year of change and action. To make decisions and move forward with my goals and intentions, I was asking myself, “Is this a hell yeah?” and going from there.

Well, since one of my goals for this year was listening to audiobooks, I had this one sitting on my digital shelf. Ironic, isn’t it!

Things do really happen for a reason.

Have you gone through a similar experience?

Wow. What. An. Experience. That. Was!

This book is all about finding what feelings make you feel your best and from there you decide what you want to accomplish accordingly to how you want to feel. I really felt connected thanks to the way that Danielle LaPorte read the book.


She gave emotion to pretty much every word in the book. Very touching, very thought provoking. At first, I thought this could be done in just a few hours (the audio version is about 4 or 6 hours long.) Well, that just didn’t happen.

Give yourself permission to take it as slow as you need, to think thoroughly about what you want and how you want to feel. It took me a whole weekend to get to my core desire feelings.

Now, everything is so much clear: what I want to feel, to do, to experience. I could keep raving about it but I’m all for feeling abundance and because of this I don’t feel like taking more of our time to gush about Danielle. I will tell you this, it will unblock your mindset for success!

If you decide to do this, would love to read your comment about what is at least one of your core desire feelings.

Wanna get a glimpse of what this is all about? Check it out:


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