Artistry Youth Xtend System | Week 1 Review



Over the early summer, I started to notice a few freckles, I mean sun spots. I was mortified! One, because I know sensitive skin runs in the family and I should have taken care of my skin better and second, well, because I was suffering of the “It will not happen to me” syndrome. On top of that, there’s that aging thing… you know, we can be in denial (and by we I mean me) that we are not getting any younger.

Welcome the Artistry Youth Xtend line. Thanks to Amway, we are getting to give it a try… To say I jumped of happiness when I saw the box is an understatement. My sister has nagged me about investing in a skin care routine. Well, it was perfect timing to start using this skin care line.

The Artistry Youth Xtend line is a revolutionary anti-aging collection that helps revitalize the skin while helping to repair past damage and protect it from future damage. Youth Xtend helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles so skin looks younger. Isn’t that what we are exactly looking for? I know I am!

Artistry Youth Xtend Line

The Skincare system includes:

  • Advanced Creamy Foam Cleanser
  • Advanced Softening Toner
  • Protecting Cream or Protecting Lotion

The Power System includes:

  • Serum Concetrate
  • Enriching Eye Cream
  • Enriching cream or Enriching Lotion

In their clinical studies, Artistry found that immediately, 89% of women noticed softer skin after one use of the Power System. In one week, 78% of women saw fewer lines and wrinkles. So, how did I fare, let’s take a look.

Week 1 Results:

Of course, before I go ahead and tell you about my experience and results for this first week, I want to remind exactly that, this is my experience with the product and results can vary.

After the first application my skin felt softer that it’s been this spring/summer. Previously, my routine was just washing my face in the morning and at night as well as applying a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 during the day, nada at night. I’m using both, the skin care and the power system. I chose to use the Protecting Lotion and Enriching Lotion as they are recommended for combination-to-oliy skin.

Because I’m a case study kind of girl; here is a photo collage of my face for the first week. I think you can tell the difference in the smoothness of the skin. Also, although is hard to tell by these photos, the “I’m in a grumpy mood” lines in my forehead are less visible, yes!!





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