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Appetizer: White Bean Salsa Crostini


This football season I’m putting my two cents for fun without resorting to fatty foods or eating more calories. To do this, took the chicken wings off the menu and replaced them with this white bean salsa crostini.

The secret touch for this salad is to use Holland House Champagne vinegar. I love that this recipe is very easy to prepare while at the same time it has an air of elegance. Plus, beans are a good source of protein and fiber. You can find more ideas in the Holland House Facebook page.

And better yet, this white bean salsa crostini is not just for watch the game on TV, but also great for a fun night at home with friends accompanied by a delicious sangria 😉


It was so good that my husband hid to eat the rest of the salsa when I finished serving the the first tray of crostinis!

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