8 Excuses For Not Living Frugally, Busted!

Here are several myths to living frugally and the truth behind each one.

When many people think of living frugally, they may think it is not an ideal way to live and therefore they come up with many reasons not to even try. They have many worries about what the lifestyle entails and what they may think they are going to miss out on. Here are several myths to living frugally and the truth behind each one:

“I will miss out on the things I love”

This could not be further from the truth. Not only will you not miss out on things, you might find that you enjoy the new things you get to do because you are living frugally, such as free events. The only difference between living frugally, and not, is you get to do things you enjoy, cheaper or even free. It just requires a little legwork on your part.

“I don’t have time to live frugally”

Don’t think of living frugally as an “all or nothing” lifestyle. You choose which aspects you are able to do any apply them to your lifestyle. Start seeing time as money and you will start to see why making the time for frugal living is so important.

“I have plenty of money. Why should I live frugally?”

Don’t you feel like you should save what you have? Having plenty of money is not a reason to waste it. You could save money on things throughout the year and invest money you didn’t know you had. Living frugally allows you to really take a good look at your spending habits and stretch your money as far as it can go.

“People will think I am cheap.”

There is a difference between living frugal and being “cheap”. Frugal living is about creating opportunities to save money while not sacrificing anyone’s feelings or a purchase’s value. You may even find the opposite to be true about others’ attitudes towards your frugal lifestyle. They may even admire it and want you to teach them!

“Frugal living isn’t for me. It’s too hard.”

Actually, frugal living is about not only a lifestyle change but an attitude change. It is about seeing how you can simplify your life while saving money. You may even find you become more self-sustainable while living frugally.

“I live a very green lifestyle. This is too expensive for me to try and do it frugally.”

The funny thing about living green is it goes hand-in-hand with frugality. You will find that many of the habits you use for living green are in fact more frugal from re-using packaging for a second job to gardening and growing your own vegetables.

“Doesn’t living frugally mean I will have less to give to others?”

Quite the opposite. With all your new-found “extra” money, you will be able to give MORE to others. You may find that you are now able to find it in your budget to donate to charities, throw better birthday parties for your kids and give amazing gifts to relatives.

“I hate cheap products and store brands. Living frugal will mean I have to buy them now so it won’t work.”

The funny thing about living frugal, especially if you coupon as part of your frugal living plan, is, you will often be able to buy name brand items cheaper than store brand ones. You will be able to buy higher quality items because you will have “more” money to do so.


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